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An instant messaging system that lets you meet people


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Frim is an instant messaging tool similar to LINE or Telegram that lets you send and receive messages from your friends from any Android device. And it doesn’t even have to be a phone: you can install the app on a tablet, log in using Facebook, and start talking.

Even though Frim lets you talk to all your friends in real time and exchange messages with them, that's definitely not all it does. In fact, one of Frim's most interesting features is that it lets you meet new people located near you. All you have to do is check out the corresponding tab to see all the other users' 'shout-outs'.

Users can respond to these shout-outs by sending a text message or an emoji. As is common with this kind of app, Frim comes loaded with different emojis and stickers you can use in your conversations. And what breaks the ice with a stranger better than a cute cartoon chameleon? Nothing, that's what.

Frim is also an interesting IM tool for one important reason: you can run it on nearly all mobile operating systems, and on Windows as well. In other words, the conversations you start on your Android can be continued on your computer.
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